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About PAWS

EDM 2018 - Buffalo, NY

Personalized Adaptive Web Systems Lab was established in 2004 with support from National Science Foundation and the School of Information Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. The goal of the PAWS Lab is development and evaluation of innovative user- and group-adaptive Web-based technologies, systems, and architectures. The Lab currently explores a range of user modeling, adaptation and personalization technologies. The work of the Lab is supported by NSF and DARPA funding.

Most Recent News

  • Two PAWS graduates' papers were short-listed for the best paper award at EC-TEL 2018.(details)
  • Peter Brusilovsky awarded NSF grant under the program Cyberlearn And Future Learn Tech. (details)
  • Roya Hosseini defended her Ph. D. Thesis: 'Program Construction Examples in Computer Science Education: From Static Text to Adaptive and Engaging Learning Technology'.(details)
  • Yun Huang defended her Ph. D. Thesis: 'Learner Modeling for Integration Skills in Programming' (details)
  • PAWS Lab scores thrice at IUI 2018 (details)
  • Julio Guerra defended his Ph. D. Thesis: 'Open Learner Models for Self-Regulated Learning: Exploring the Effects of Social Comparison and Granularity'.(details)
  • Danielle Lee moves to Sangmyung University as an assistant professor (details)
  • Two PAWS papers were nominated and one received Best Paper Awards at UMAP 2017 (details)
  • Peter Brusilovsky received the 2017 Provost’s Award for Excellence in Mentoring. (details)
  • Sergey Sosnovsky moves to Utrecht University as a tenure-track professor (details)
  • Maria Harrington moves to University of Central Florida as an Assistant Professor (details)
  • Shaghayegh (Sherry) Sahebi defended her Ph. D. Thesis: Canonical Correlation Analysis in Cross-Domain Recommendation, will start as an Assistant Professor in University of Albany (details)
  • Dr. Peter Brusilovsky and Rosta Farzan are on new Association for Computing Machinery journal’s editorial board. (details)
  • Yun Hung and Roya Hosseini received Andrew Mellon Pre-doctoral Fellowship for the academic year 2016-2017. (details)

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