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[edit] 2016

Saying goodbye to Rafael in our multi-reasons BBQ celebration! (July. 25, 2016)

[edit] 2015

Claudia's farewell lunch at Schenley Park Café (Aug. 27, 2015) Saying goodbye to Dr. Qiang Jiang (Sep. 22, 2015)

[edit] 2014

Celebrating PAWS Best Paper Award at EC-TEL 2014 (Sep. 30, 2014) In Jenn's wedding

[edit] 2012

Meeting  on 2012/10/24

[edit] 2011

UMAP 2011 - Girona, Spain

[edit] 2010

Meeting  on 2010/03/30

[edit] PAWS Kids

Sergey's Kids: Dasha (oldest), Arina, Egor (baby) Jennifer and her son, Hong-yu (Hugh) Jaewook's son, Junekyun

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