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Progressor+ attempts to inherit the merits from Progressor (motivational impacts, personalized social guidance and encourages students to do some work ahead of the course schedule, class leaders provided an implicit social guidance for the rest of the class and successfully led the way to discover the most relevant resources creating good trails for the rest of the class, etc. please refer to our publications) and incorporate with new research elements, such as flexible content structure, explicit social guidance and so on. Despite Progressor's circular pie shapes are favorable in our past user studies, the nature of those shapes makes it difficult to scale up with various learning content collections and perform comparisons, we refine our design into a more generic table representation and engage with close-to-reality multiple collections of learning resources.



See Also

  • QuizJET : parameterized self-assessment tool for Java programming language.
  • Progressor


Sharon, I-Han Hsiao