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JavaGuide is a personalized front-end for QuizJET developed by PAWS Lab (Hsiao, 2010). Java Guide collects student performance data sent by QuizJET to the activity storage, determines student current level of knowledge for multiple topics and concepts of Java programming language, and use it to provide adaptive guidance to the questions that are most appropriate for a specific student given the course goals and current state of knowledge. The navigation support is provided on the level of topics using “Target/Arrows” visual cues where the color of target icon associated with each topic indicates the current importance of the topic and the number of arrows in the target shows the current student knowledge level of the correspondent topics. Several classroom studies of QuizJET demonstrated that the user of personalized front-end significantly increases student performance and nearly doubles course engagement.




Hsiao, I.-H., Sosnovsky, S., and Brusilovsky, P. (2010) Guiding students to the right questions: adaptive navigation support in an E-Learning system for Java programming. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning 26 (4), 270-283.

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