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[edit] 2011 Fall

Meeting Time: Tuesday 12:45pm-2:15pm
Location: IS502

[edit] September

[edit] 2011-09-06

  • Our new PhD student Mohammed Hassan Falakmasir introduced himself and his research on Educational Data Mining.
  • Claudia presented a summary of the Workshops and Conferences that she assisted this Summer. You can check her presentation here: PPT

[edit] 2011-09-13

Jennifer will give a short demo of the new system called MEMA, Museum Exhibition MAnagement. You can check on [MEMA]

This is the project cooperated with the Carnegie Museum of Art. They will host an exhibition, "Teenie Harris, Photographer: An American Story". Our system provide mobile application to allow visitors to input their short messages by different social media. When they go back home, they could modify those short messages as their narratives of the exhibition by our personal web services and also share those narratives with other community members.

[edit] 2011-09-20

  • No talk this week

[edit] 2011-09-27

Denis presents his research on Implicit-to-Explicit mapping of preferences in music. He will present in the CARS workshop in RecSys 2011. He also presents an apology to his close future melancholy for the PAWS lab. [ppt link]
Sherry, presents the research about cross-domain recommendation using community identification with the IMHONET DB. She will present in a Workshop in RecSys 2011.

[edit] October

[edit] 2011-10-04

Julio introduces himself to the group and discusses his research interests in extending our past work in peer-review, peer rating, peer assessment. Toss ideas in identifying expertise from the out-going links(proactive interactions) instead of incoming ones(ratings).

[edit] 2011-10-11

Sharon presents Mini-Crowdsourcing End-User Assessment of Intelligent Assistants: A Cost-Benefit Study from VH/LCC and Discovery of Complementary Learning Resources from ECTEL conferences. PPT

[edit] November

[edit] 2011-11-8

Denis presents a summary of interesting papers from Recsys 2011 that may be relevant to the research of PAWS lab members. As usual, Denis delivers a fascinating presentation with surrealistic touches.

[edit] 2011-11-15

Chirayu presents new version of CoMeT. great stuff. check it out. explore and leave feedback.
 an important fact of Chirayu: he likes Hayao Miyazaki movies and candies :)
 +1 @denisparra

[edit] December


[edit] Archives

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