Personalization and Social Networking for Short-Term Communities

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About the project

This NSF-supported project aims to explore personalization and social networking for short-term communities. Using academic research conferences as a test bed, the project explored new methods to leverage information about user interests (available from multiple external resources) and develop techniques to facilitate use of existing social technologies. In the course of the project we implemented and explored Conference Navigator 3 along with a number of recommendation and visualization approaches for it.


Conference Navigator 3 is a social conference support system. It offers an enhanced version of traditional tools: conference schedule and attendee list. It combines social tagging and social navigation features, but also use accumulated data from existing long-term communities (e.g. Facebook, CiteULike, Mendeley) to help users to find the relevant sessions to attend and to determine the appropriate people to make contact with during the conference. more


PI: Associate Professor Peter Brusilovsky.

co-PI: Assistant Professor Jung Sun Oh.

- Chirayu Wongchokprasitti: Research on recommendations, main developer of the two first version of CN and developer of the current version.

- Sherry Sahebi: Research on recommendations, and Database developer.

- Shaopeng Zhang: Developer and designer of the first version of Web interface.

- Yijin Wu: Developer of Android application.

- Ranjani Rajagopal: Developer and designer of Android and iPhone application.

- Denis Parra: Researcher on recommendations and adaptive visualization, developer of the second versuion of Web interface

- Steve Van Tuyl: Researcher on social networks.

- Claudia Lopez: Researcher on incentive-based design.

- Xidao Wen: Researcher on Social technologies and log analysis


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