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ADAPT2 Architecture

ADAPT2 (read adapt-square) - Advanced Distributed Architecture for Personalized Teaching and Training - is a framework targeted at providing personalization and adaptation services for developers of content that lacks personalization.

ADAPT2 consists of the following principal components.

Knowledge Tree

Knowledge Tree
Knowledge Tree is a link aggregating portal. It presents content structured according to the folder-document paradigm. Knowledge Tree provides authentication and authorization and implements a simplified form of access control. It supports collaborative authoring and social annotation. (more)


CUMULATE is a cental user modeling server responsible for collecting evidence of user activity and for generating assertions about user knowledge and mastery. (more on CUMULATE)

Adaptive Shells

Adaptive shells aka value-adding services - are providing adaptation and personalization. They serve as wrappers for learning objects from content servers. Examples of adaptive shells include NavEx, QuizGuide, and Knowledge Sea II.

Content Servers

Content servers provide learning objects for students to interact with. Content servers that work with ADAPT2 include: WebEx, QuizPACK, c/jWADEIn, SQLKnoT, QuizJET (PAWS native), SQL Tutor (University of Canterbury, New Zealand) Jeliot (Johensuu University), Problets (Ramapo College, US).



PERSEUS is a Personalization Service Engine. It provides adaptive support for non-personalized (educational) hypermedia systems by abstracting content presentation/aggregation from user modeling. PERSEUS protocols are based on RDF and RSS 1.0. Although, PERSEUS was initially developed for ADAPT2 framework, its data model permits seamless support of any other hypermedia application. Currently PERSEUS supports social navigation, topic-based navigation, concept-based navigation, and adaptive filtering techniques.


Data models of ADAPT2 components are partially serialized as RDF. For more information refer to ADAPT2 RDF Binding.