Personalized Learning Systems

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Personalized Learning Systems is one of the core topics of our lab. Personalized learning technologies provide an alternative to the dominant “one-size-fits-all” approach to treating diverse student audiences. While having a relatively long history, this research direction moved to the forefront only recently when modern information technologies opened new learning opportunities for a wide range of students. Nowadays, personalized learning is considered to be a top priority research direction by many experts. For example, advanced personalized learning was named among 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering along with preventing nuclear terror and making solar energy economical. It has also been listed among the highest funding priorities in Communications of the ACM.

Personalized learning technologies enable e-learning systems to maintain a model of the goals, preferences and knowledge of each student and apply this model to adapt the system performance to the student making the learning process more efficient and enjoyable. In so doing, various kinds of personalized e-learning systems demonstrated their ability to help students acquire knowledge faster, improve learning outcomes, reduce navigational overhead, and increase student engagement. Our team is interested a range of personalized learning technologies, focusing on modeling learner knowledge of the subject. Individual models of learner knowledge that our systems maintain are used to guide learners to the most appropriate learning content using course sequencing and adaptive navigation support technologies. Some systems also use the models to deliver adaptive visualization. Below is the list of personalized learning systems developed by the members of our group. Most of these systems are open for anyone to use and explore online.